Thursday, 4 March 2010

Happy 10,000 km, Duke!

A few weeks ago, Duke hit 10,000 km on the speedo.. (technically incorrect as this is a 2nd speedo as I ran him into a ginormous pothole in the countryside and we both went sliding. His forks were mangled and his speedo stopped working and I had to ride him back to Bristol for a replacement (they only had KM ones and not Mile ones) before repeating the first (of many) London trips.)

Duke is actually the second Duke -a bunch of no-lifes stole the old Duke, so this is the new Duke.

Anyways, I like Duke a lot, and will always speak fondly of him. Duke has changed my life (silly as it sounds!): I've been many a place with him, had a few accidents here and there, and I've been fortunate enough to visit many places as a result. He rarely fails to start (he struggles a bit when his heart is a bit cold) but he is cheap to maintain, easy to fix if anything goes wrong, and costs little to run! So here is my tribute: Long live Duke! Bring on the summer and those twistys!

Duke's stats:
Current Miles/KM: 10,808km+ (on this speedo)
Motorbike type: Learner/commuter
Engine: 125cc, I think it's air cooled and is CDI
Top speed: 55mph (passenger/fully loaded), 62mph (just me, down the motorway)
When he's happiest: In pretty countryside or after a wash!
When he's unhappiest: Me stressing him out through gaps in rush hour London traffic =(
His home is: the Cardiff Valleys
Furthest travelled: Harlow, Essex.
Special features: His big topbox, phone charger, halogen lamp (a luxury!), being Welsh =D


Anonymous said...

LOL when I read this I thought it said 10,000 metres, and said "That's NOT alot!!!" But then re-read and realised my mistake.

The reason I comment is because I just did a 10km run on Sunday in London! It as awesome, yet tiring. Still recovering!

Alvin btw.

Tessa-chan said...

Ahh, how did that run go? What run was it?

Anonymous said...

It was one in London, Newham? Around where the Olympic arena is being built, (ran past it actually, looks huge). But it was pretty good. Sveta and I completed it in under an hour!