Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Three Mills, Bromley-by-Bow, London

Notice the new banner at the top? Many thanks-you's to my sister who worked on it! =)

In the East End of London, lies the picturesque "Three Mills". Formerly a tidal mill, the various buildings are used for education, business and as film studios. House Mill (the main building on the left) was built in 1776 whilst Clock Mill (the white clock-tower building) was completed in 1817. The waterwheels are no longer in operation but between the 7 wheels to power 14 pairs of millstones to grind barley and maize. The mills were also used to distill Gin at one point.

Get there: Bromley-by-Bow (LU) station.


Mo said...

Actually you dont suck with a camera. Loads of interesting stuff on this blog. keep at it.

*~*crissy*~* said...

yes!!i noticed your new banner at the top....very nice!!very creative :D....

looks like a nice quiet place and like the pointy that where the willow trees were on the other side or was that a different place?..i forgotten..:S

Tessa-chan said...

Thanks for your comments guys =)

Mo: Will do, thank you =)

Cris: No, this is in the East End. That's Richmond you're thinking of.