Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Homebound with a biccy (and Wells..)

Last few weeks have meant that I've been stuck somewhere with a book, pen and [lots of] paper. Can't say I'm the greatest fan of this period, because there's a month where I'm effectively homebound. In theory, if I'm out having fun, I've got the energy to revise... in theory, anyway.

Fortunately, that doesn't hold 100% true (it is, for the most part, 99% true, however, else I wouldn't be writing this). And so we went to Wells on the 29th April - a charming city. I didn't really intend on going there, but was simply going for a ride out on a very nice day (route: Clifton Suspension Bridge [B3129], Failand, Flax Bourton, [A370], Backwell, Congresbury, [B3133], Lower Langford, [A38], [A368], Burrington [B3134], Charterhouse, Priddy, [A39], Wells), thought we'd head into Somerset as we'd previously ventured into the Mendip Hills, Backwell and Cheddar and found it very nice (maybe I'll upload a few pics another time). With no aim, I was starting to get hungry when we were in the Mendips (where we saw a black sheep - I don't personally have a pic, Sherry does though), and thought we'd head to Wells to find some food. We ate at an Indian place, which was not bad. Wells was very pretty, and a bit of Wikipedia when we were home later told us that this lovely street contained many Grade 1 listed medieval buildings (many had been updated, but still!). What was strange was that the complete street was cobbled and it was like stepping back in time - with the addition of a few cars parked on the street.

I don't have a picture of Wells Cathedral as it didn't dawn on me to take my camera out until quite late in the day. However, I do have a lovely picture of it at night (not great, I know).

We missed out on the palace with a moat, as it was getting late, and couldn't be bothered to walk, however, there is always next time - I am thinking of stopping at Wells next time I head in a southerly direction. p.s. the journey back was horrible, a total lack of cat's eyes on the A37 made my journey rather hellish as I couldn't see where the road was without opening my visor due to the tiny specks of rain.

Step back a few days, and I'm back in Bristol now - I notice these geese on the UWE campus. It's lovely. The female has made a next in a flowerbed (I can only assume they picked that spot at night, since it's a fair bit from any water course/feature I know of - the stream that runs through Harry Stoke and the UWE campus, perhaps?). They're gone now, unfortunately.

That's all for now!


Anonymous said...

ahh mendips and cheedah! i wanna go again. i remember the days when school took us and it was really lovely. id love to go again and explore on my own.

also. amazing you that birdy on your uni doorstep. i guess there are a few good things about having a no where near center uni campus. i think its a grouse btw.

Anonymous said...

no wait fail. i dont think its a grouse.

Tessa-chan said...

I'm certain they're geese. We saw some grouse on the way down to Wells, and they look a bit different. Their bodies are plump, like geese, but necks and heads are smaller in comparison. Also, they seem less aquatic than geese. Grouse can do short-distance flying, e.g. from ground up to a wall. But that aside, can't say there are any real benefits to UWE's location. It's close to the countryside, I guess - it's the reason I got into venturing out of Bristol and exploring the countryside as it was so close and was ideal for bunking classes.

If you are back in Bristol after the 8th June, I can take you down there (maybe dad is interested too?) but yeah I'll be wanting to journey a bit in that week, especially with Sherry on a field course up in Gloucestershire.

I hadn't been to Cheddar in years (from back when Mr Ho lived in Bath) and I hadn't been until a few months ago when I ventured down there out of curiosity. It's not that far at all (1 hour approx)

Rinny said...

=O you actually actually.... BLOGGED!!! yayness for dandan!! How are the geese? hatch babies yet? feed them more yet?

hurrah for bike trips, they're so awesomeness! <3

Rinny said...


(btw that's a horrendous pic of me)

Tessa-chan said...

Gone indeed, it looks like a more mature pic of you XD

(i likes!)