Monday, 25 May 2009

Whilst not doing revision...

Yesterday evening, me and Sherry went around St. Mary Redcliffe to Redcliffe Parade to try and listen to the bells of both Bristol Cathedral and the St. Mary Redcliffe - it can be done - but we were there at 9pm *and* 10pm and the St. Mary Redcliffe bells didn't sound so we can only assume they're not working for the time being. Ah well, maybe another day.

Anyway - some pictures:

Looking up towards Redcliffe from the floating harbour.

The Floating Harbour

Railway tracks near the Industrial Museum (facing the Habourside Developments).

Sherry being silly =P

The night view from Redcliffe Parade West.


Rinny said...

I look stoopid ¬_¬"

Tessa-chan said...

no you don't... :D

Gethin said...

Trust me, the Redcliffe bells were working, I work opposite that fecking church every Saturday and the bells give me no end of grief.

Tessa-chan said...

I dunno, we were there twice that particular evening and they didn't go off. Only reason I took her there, was because about a month ago I did a delivery to that street and realised what an awesome place it was where you could hear both bells at the same time (the Cathedral first).