Tuesday, 2 June 2009


Most lecturers are usually quite good at replying to emails (providing they're not being condescending).

I asked my law lecturer for the name of the photocopied handout she gave so I could locate the book myself after having lost the handout. She tells me to come in and see her, and says that she wrote it herself, she might have a spare. (she didn't write that particular handout herself, and I clarified that what I was after was from a book)

I then manage to locate what appears to be the exact book on Amazon (she photocopied the cover), and ask her to clarify if this is the book. She's a part-time lecturer, so she's off for the weekend. In the meantime I go to UWE to borrow said book and arrive home, find that it almost certainly appears to be the book. She sent me a reply today when she got back in and tells me again, to go in and see her and that I wouldn't need any additional material. (I won't - I have what I need now)

But the fact here, is that she failed failed twice to answer my emails (instead just sending me one-liners)
- I asked her for the name and author of a book she handed out a photocopy of (she failed to answer my question)
- I asked her to clarify whether the book I'd found on amazon (and subsequently in the UWE library) was indeed the book which the handout was from (which she failed to clarify)

I thought these people teach in the University of Bristol - they would at least be able to read the emails and give appropriate replies...

Geth: "lecturers never actually pay attention to what other people say... that's not their method :P"

Some do... but she is pretty bad at replying to emails compared to others. She's a great lecturer, but just annoying she failed to answer me here.

p.s. the book is actually a pretty good book!

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Rinny said...

eurm Bristol lecturers are NOT much better. They're either REALLY condescending or tell me go through the lecture notes again ¬_¬"

Also NO lecturers will reply to your email over the weekend!

ALSO, tutors are just the best =D