Saturday, 6 June 2009

The Wye Valley

Exams are over - that only means one thing... a great big bike journey! I went with Sherry on the blue bike across into Wales and to the Forest of Dean then followed the River Wye back. It's a real scenic route (even Dad knows this one) and the valley itself is an AONB.

First stop - Chepstow. We'd been here before, but as it's along the way - why not.

My favourite spot, is easily Chepstow castle, although the Town Wall is worth checking out, the castle is a lot more impressive, and you can see England across the river. In addition, nearby is John Rennie's 1816 iron bridge that takes you across into England - don't have a [recent] picture of this one though.

Sherry at Chepstow Castle


Looking across the Wye through the railings
Those houses there are on the English side.

We then went across the bridge and up into Tutshill on the English side and up (B4228) towards St Briavels. I thought I'd go through the Forest of Dean to see what it was like - I have to admit, it was pointless as I didn't really know what I was looking for, just cruising through it. I will see if there is anything worth checking out specifically next time.

Forest of Dean: Tidenham Chase
I saw my share of trees that day (I did enjoy seeing miles and miles of trees though.)

Coleford - a market town

We thought we'd head to Monmouth upon finding little to see (I'm certain it was us not knowing what to go and see rather there being a lack of things to see). The roads (Staunton, A4136) took us through lots of twisties into Wales, was real fun leaning my bike into all those corners... at speed. At some point I need to invest in a camera which takes pictures while I am on the road. Anyways, Monmouth was a pretty town and we decided to eat here. Hooray for Wetherspoons where we had a lovely lunch and desert.

Hooray for condiments =)

Unfortunately we spent a lot of the time eating, and by the time we came out, everything was closed and it had turned chilly. Uh-oh. But we did see a few nice things.

Monnow Bridge Gatehouse - Built in 1271.

We leave Monmouth around 8:15pm and upon heading down the A466, which took us back into England. Upon crossing the Wye (which marks the border) we found it to be far too picturesque not to stop.

Looking north up the Wye
The English side is on the right

Looking south down the Wye
The Welsh side is to the right

The old tollhouse on the Welsh side
...and Sherry blowing her nose - Hayfever =(

The Tintern Railway Station Tea Rooms
This was a bit further down the A466. It's an old railway station which is now a tourist attraction.

The old signal box

An old train

British Railways

The village of Tintern

The village of Tintern

Tintern Abbey

By now, it was getting late, and Sherry was getting cold (silly Sherry - inadequate clothing :P ), so we headed back down to Bristol. It was a great day out - and the perfect relief to weeks of hardcore revision and exams! We both agreed we'd come this way again as we found the area rather pretty, so we shall, since we didn't really have time to stop at Tintern and look at the Abbey.

Until next time....!

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Rinny said...

looking back now the pics are so awesome (except for the horrible ones of myself >_<")

Next time we need to 'cruise' by =D definitely want to go there again :) and I shall have to steal photos off you! x