Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Cheap as chips...

Heres a good one for you... the topic is cheap electronic items you can find on eBay.

It really has me beat on the whole "I dont understand how they sell something so cheap and tack on some really cheap postage and ship it from Hong Kong" analogy. Normally you can find bargain electronics for around 3 pounds upwards, even 2 pounds, and that might or might not include postage... these sellers are based in Hong Kong (and 95%+ of the items recieved actually come from Hong Kong with HK stamps and HK postmarks, there is a very small few that are actually shipped from China, but I haven't had one of those for a few years now)

Well im buying a cigarette lighter socket splitter that costs £1.04 including postage. Goodness knows where their returns are......... if I was to slap on some UK postage once it got here and send it back the other way, it'd cost more than £1.04.

Never mind packaging (They'll bulk buy envelopes but thats still money) or the actual product itself (which would include importation and transit costs from China into HK as well as material costs).

Soooo.... Any ideas?

P.s. the splitter is to install some creature comforts on Duke so I can power my phone and other bits and bobs.

P.s.s. the halogen bulbs that I bought for Duke that looked the "bees knees" sucked balls. Lovely to look into (and blind yourself) but absolutely sucky at night, if anything worse than the original BA20d bulb that went in there before. I'll get round to sorting it out at some point. Thankfully I am rarely out in the country at night so no bigg

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Rinny said...

As long it's not some form of slave labour I'm fine with cheaper commodities. I think it's more though of not having to go through a middle man/men. =)