Thursday, 27 May 2010

Box Hill, Surrey

I've been busy with exams at university, which has been monotonous and boring to say the least..! So I took a big break and went for a long ride on Duke with my sister and my parents (them on dad's motorbike) through parts of Berkshire and Surrey (mainly) on Tuesday, so this is one of the places we went - Box Hill in Surrey. Most of Box Hill is owned by the National Trust, and it forms part of the Surrey Hills, which are part of the North Downs - a ridge of chalk hills which stretch from the Surrey area to the White Cliffs of Dover.

This is the other (northern) side as seen along the "Zig-Zag" road that winds up the hill.

It's named Box Hill for the box trees which grow on it and was donated by Leopold Salomons of Norbury Park to the National Trust in 1914, and there is a memorial (in the first picture) which remembers him for this - the story that we were told, was that he was buried upright looking down, presumably so that he can forever enjoy the fine view that this hill offers. This is the southern facing view that the hill is famous for:

Here's be climbing a tree =P (I'm not sure if it's a box tree or otherwise..)

Summer's here, and it's a great place to go laze and relax. Make a visit if you can!

More information: National Trust website


Mo said...

Did you get to the top of the tree?

crissy said...

looks like a really beautiful relaxing place!..nice view!!
*looks from the distance* is that a monkey i see up the tree.:P,u can make a tree house,like bart simpson,ill cum round for tea..hehe..:P,how long did it take u to get there?to surrey that is...

Tessa-chan said...

Nah, I'm a bit of a wuss and knew that getting down would be harder than getting up so I didn't bother!

Box Hill's about an hour south of West London, just beyond the M25 by Leatherhead-ish area =)

Haidée said...

looks lovely xx


mAdi*cakes said...

gorgeous. :] i might be going to england in may with my father. ill def reference your blog :]

happy wednesday