Sunday, 2 May 2010

See some deer in London!

London, as packed and crowded as some of you may think it is (I'm referring to those people who tell me they don't particularly like London because there's too many people) still has some nice spots to relax in. Aside from the obvious parks in central and the lesser known ones a little further from central, one of my favourites is definitely Richmond Park. Here you can find deer roaming freely, and just sitting there on the grass, not bothered by the traffic nearby.

By far, one of my favourite things to see in London - Deer!

Pictures courtesy of my sister.

Get there: Richmond (walk through the centre and up Richmond Hill), Mortlake (walk down Sheen Lane), Norbiton (Wolverton Avenue > Queens Road)

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*~*crissy*~* said...

i never knew there was deer in london,thats pretty awesome!!..they lovely creatures :D i always thought london was just full of busy places no places to relax and find dan!!:D ur proved me wrong...its also really relaxing just to watch them..isnt it..