Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The River Thames at Richmond, London

Not only can you see deer in Richmond, but it's also a great place to spot the occasional heron, as in the picture below. Now, I have mixed views on feeding wildlife (pros: you get to see them closer, they don't get hungry. cons: they become used to human activity which may have further detrimental effects, but nonetheless you can always watch other people feed the geese, ducks, pigeons (I'm *not* a fan of pigeons) though.

Richmond Riverside is a great place to go for a stroll and there are a number of eateries/cafes in the area. Although there didn't seem to be much on the other side other than shops, Richmond Bridge is still quite a novelty to walk on. There are also boat trips (and boat hire too I think!) if you feel like something a little different.

In the picture below you can also see an island - which is the land with the willows on it that the boats are next to. There are quite a few islands dotted all along the Thames until a fair bit upstream (to name a few: Isleworth Ait, Chiswick Eyot, Eel Pie Island, Monkey Island etc). Quite a few of these and the banks have willows on them. These were grown for the basket trade for the London markets in the old days.

Get there: Richmond station, various buses from west/south-west London.


Anonymous said...

Damn pigeon, he thinks it's all about him.

*~*crissy*~* said...

uuhh richmond looks like a lovely place to go for a walk,very pretty to!nice pic!^_^,love the willow trees...i like feeding the ducks..so relaxing and peaceful:D...i never seen a heron face to face,i wud like to see one sum time.
pigeons are ok if their not flying over my head making poo!

Luke Burroughs said...

Dan thats pretty much my home town! fond memories of growing up next to and occaisonly in that river! hope everhtings going well mate and your enjoying london